September 21 - November 23
Artwork is copyrighted by the artists.
All Rights Reserved.
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Best in Show
Lizzie Sanders
Nepenthes sp.

Award for a Work of Excellence
milly acharya
Prunus cerasus

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Award for a Drawing or Print
Bobbi Angell
Malus domestica

Talus Award
Heeyung Kim
Apocynum cannabinum

New York Central Art Supply Award
Karen Kluglein
Rosa 'Tamora'

Ursus Books & Prints
Award for an Artwork of Merit
Margaret Farr
Mertensia virginica, and other wildflowers

Honorable Mentions

Christine Battle
Eucalyptus Leucoxylon subsp. Megalocarpa

Jean Emmons
Hydnellum aurantiacum

John Pastoriza-Piñol
Castanea sativa

Carol Woodin, ASBA Exhibition Director
Presents Awards at the Opening Reception
on September 21, 2011

Karen Kluglein & Carol Woodin

Bobbi Angell & Carol Woodin

milly acharya & Carol Woodin

Award Jurors: Patricia Jonas, Barbara Macklowe, and Jessica Tcherepnine